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A building permit is a document which grants legal permission to start the construction or alteration of a building or other structure in accordance with approved drawings and specifications. Permits ensure that construction within our municipality meets with standards set out in the NC Building Code and the Code of Ordinances for the Town of Burnsville. Your home renovation project must meet basic requirements for health, safety and structural soundness. Beyond this, the permit process makes sure that your plans are in line with other town requirements, such as zoning regulations and historic building designations.
Application can be delivered in person to Town Hall or mailed to: PO Box 97, Burnsville NC   28714. 
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When do I need to apply for a permit?
1. A permit from the town is required when a structure is erected, moved, added to or structurally altered or there is a change in the use of an existing structure. 
2. New construction within city limits first requires a Certificate of Zoning Compliance before the project is started.  After the project is approved with regards to zoning you may apply for a building permit to begin construction.
3. Renovation within city limits requires a Certificate of Zoning Compliance before the project is started if the project makes structural repairs or modifications of 50% or more of the structure’s tax value. A change of intended use for a structure may also require a Certificate of Zoning Compliance.
4. No permanent sign may be erected without obtaining a Sign Permit.

Additional Required Forms

Owner License Exemption Form
If Owner is Completing the Work

Floodplain Development Application
Required if developing a project in the floodplain

Affidavit of Workers Comp Coverage
If a Contractor is hired to complete work

What happens if I don’t get a permit?
The property owner may be subject to legal action for failure to obtain a building permit. If you carry out a renovation project that requires a building permit without having one, Town of Burnsville representatives may issue a “Stop Work” and or a “Cease and Desist” order, which remains in effect until you obtain a  permit. If the work doesn’t meet the requirements of the Building Code, you may well have to redo the work at your own cost.  In addition to having to obtain the proper permits, an additional penalty of up to $999.00 may be assessed.
Work performed without a required building permit may hold up the sale of your property in the future and may also affect an insurance claim. Before any work begins on your home, check with your insurance representative, who can explain exactly what is needed to ensure continuous and adequate coverage, both during and after the renovation.