The Town Council of the Town of Burnsville, NC approved A  Resolution of Intent to Consider An Ordinance Amending the Charter of the Town of Burnsville, NC at their May 3, 2021 regular meeting.  The Town Council also set a public hearing, offering the public an opportunity to comment and give the Council input on the change in form of government, for their June 3rd, 2021 regular meeting.

On July 1, 2021, the Town Council approved an ordinance, amending the Town Charter, to adopt the council-manager form of government for the Town. No referendum was petitioned for during the 30 day period and the ordinance went into full force and effect at 5pm on August 6, 2021.

The Town Council at their September 2, 2021 regular meeting voted to appoint Heather Hockaday as the first ever Town Manager of the Town of Burnsville.

Mrs. Hockaday, a native of Burnsville, has served as the Town Administrator, Tax Collector, and Town Attorney since February of 2020.  She has previously served as a Town Councilor and Town Attorney.

Town Council Appoints Hockaday as Town Manager