​Burnsville Town Councilors and staff welcomed Appalachian State University’s IDEXlab (Integrative Design Experience Laboratory) to Town on Friday, September 24th for the North Main Fire Station rehab project kick-off session. The design and graduate students were on site to collect data and input from project stakeholders.

This Pre-Design portion of the project will complete an existing facility assessment, develop an architectural program, and propose a concept design for the renovation.  ASU instructor Chad Everhart described the next three weeks as the “problem seeking weeks”, as they gather data and define what issues need to be addressed. The goal is to adapt the facility to best meet the needs of the Burnsville Police Department and Public Works Department once the Fire Department moves to their new location on Pineola Street.

​After introductions and a discussion about the project, ​Chief Niles Howell led a tour of the facility​. The students ​then ​divided into groups that focused on measurements, documentation, and the needs of the Police and Public Works departments.

TOB Update: Town and ASU’s IDEXlab Kickoff Rehab Project