Between 10:30 pm and 2 am tonight,  911 lines in Yancey County will be unavailable due to work on fiber lines by Frontier. Residents of Yancey County can still reach the 911 offices by calling the administrative lines at (828) 678-9463. Some residents on the west side of the county may experience an outage with cellular phones as well. In the event you cannot reach the 911 center and require emergency services, you should go to West Yancey Fire Department where first responders will be stationed.

Madison Co will be standing by to take any 911 calls that we cannot receive. Our Dispatch centers will primarily communicate with one another via Viper radio, with cell phones as a back-up. West Yancey Fire Department will have First Responders on stand-by at the station until the work is complete. We are asking that law enforcement be very visible and active during this time, particularly on the west side of the county.

Starting at 10:30pm on July 1st until 2 am, 911 lines in Yancey County will be unavailable