Town of Burnsville Services and Information

Burnsville Town Hall
(828) 682-2420
Inquire about Taxes, Govt, Water, Sewer, Brush Pick-up & other Town Services.

Burnsville Police Dpt

Burnsville Town Center
(828) 682-7209
Call about events or facility rental at our beautiful community center.

Garbage Disposal Schedule
Residents South of US19E will have their trash picked up on Tuesdays. 
Residents North of US19E will have their trash picked up on Fridays.
If you have any questions regarding Trash pick up please call GDS at

(828) 682-2207.

Water Emergency
For after hours water emergencies please contact emergency operations at
(828) 678-9463.

Electronic Alert System for Burnsville Utility Customers
Contact the Utility Department at the Town Hall (682-2420) to share phone numbers and a preference for phone or text notifications.

Recycling is available for residential customers.  Pick up is on Wednesdays. To make arrangements, contact the Town of Burnsville at
(828) 682-2420.

Yancey County Government Services & Information


Yancey County Board of Elections
Mary Beth Tipton
30 East US Highway 19-E Bypass, Suite 2
Burnsville, NC 28714
Mailing address: PO Box 763

Yancey County Services
110 Town Square, Burnsville, NC 28714

Sheriff’s Dpt.

(828) 678-5700

County Manager

Register of Deeds

Economic Development Commission

Transportation Authority

Parks & Recreation

Animal Control

Community Information

Yancey Farmers’ Market

Yancey County Library


Local organizations

Community Events

Yancey County Schools

Volunteer Opportunities

Assisted Living Facilities

Yancey House
6 Cooper Lane, 28714 (828) 678-9200

Mountain Manor Assisted Living
270 Love Fox Road, 27814 (828) 682-4875