Recycling is available for residential customers.  Pick up is every other Wednesday.
To make arrangements, contact the Town of Burnsville at (828) 682-2420.
View the Calendar for pickup schedule.

What is Recyclable

  • Plastic Containers – bottles, tubs, jugs, and jars (please empty)
  • Metal – Aluminum, Steel, Tin (please empty)
  • Glass – bottles and jars (clear, brown, green, please empty)
  • Paper – all paper, milk & juice cartons, and cardboard (please flatten boxes)

Please Don’t Bag Your Recyclables.

Lids & Labels May Remain On

The Best Recyclables are EMPTY, CLEAN & DRY!

Know Your No’s

  • no styrofoam or peanuts
  • no plastic wrap, pillows, or bags
  • no tanglers like cords, hoses, wires
  • no scrap metal
  • no clothing or textiles
  • no food waste
  • no hazardous or medical waste
  • no receipts, shredded paper, paper towels, or napkins

Plastic Bags
Most grocery stores provide a designated plastic bag recycling drop-off bin

Light Bulbs
Lowes and Home Depot accept small screw in bulbs for recycling, but do not accept broken or long tube bulbs. Fluorescent lights can be disposed of with your regular garbage. Broken bulbs cannot be recycled and should be placed with your regular garbage.

Keep these items out

  • all batteries
  • aluminum foil
  • ceramic items, dishes or cookware
  • diapers
  • disposable cups or lids (plastic and coffee)
  • Black microwavable trays
  • electronics
  • household glass, mirrors, or light bulbs
  • scrap metal and wood
  • straws
  • tires
  • toys

Car Batteries
Many stores accept old car batteries when you purchase a new one.

Needles, lancets and other medical “sharps” can be dropped off at the Burnsville Town Hall, Police Dpt. or the Health Dpt. (please place sharps in a sturdy plastic container with a screw-on cap)

Composting keeps materials out of the landfills & helps plants grow.
Click to learn more.

Brush Pick-up
Call (828) 682-2420 w/address or account #, & pick-up info. Please have small loads only, near the edge of property.

Motor Oil
The East Yancey Convenience Center, most garages, and auto parts stores accept used oil for recycling.

The Pizza Box
Pizza boxes or any paper product stained with food or grease are not recyclable – unless you remove the tainted portions.

For more information on the recycling or disposing of larger, bulky items such as appliances or household hazardous waste call the Yancey County Public Works at (828) 682-5657 or visit the Yancey County’s Public Work’s page.