​The Town of Burnsville has received a grant to fund GIS mapping of storm water drainage systems throughout the Town.  The Town has contracted with the High Country Council of Governments to conduct the mapping. The work, beginning this week, will continue on Wednesdays and Thursday throughout the rest of the year. High Country employees will typically be escorted by a Burnsville Public Works employee.

Rapidly aging infrastructure is creating safety hazards, diminishing quality of life, heightening vulnerability to natural disasters, and impairing economic growth.  

GIS mapping technologies can play a critical role in supporting infrastructure planning and development. Accurate and reliable data will help to ensure that scarce dollars are spent in the most efficient and effective ways possible. Knowing where infrastructure is located, how different pieces relate to one another, and where the Town’s critical dependencies lie are required first steps for making good financial decisions.

GIS Maps can be updated rapidly and shared digitally across Town departments to improve project planning and operations.   They often contain detailed information about current and planned infrastructure improvements. If the Town wants to visualize a project, it can use a GIS map with useful data layers overlaid, such as traffic flow and pavement type, to pinpoint potential issues and try to figure out how to stave them off in the future.

Please call (828) 682-2420 with questions.  For more information visit townofburnsville.org.

GIS Mapping of the Town’s Infrastructure Begins