From Jennifer L. Weiss NCDOT’s Senior Advisor for Climate Change Policy

Dear Transportation Stakeholder:

On behalf of North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper and state Transportation Secretary Eric Boyette, I’d like to thank those of you that were able to attend the N.C. Clean Transportation Plan virtual public information meeting on April 1.  A recording of the webinar can be found through this link.

By working with stakeholders like you, the N.C. Clean Transportation Plan will outline the near-term strategies North Carolina can use to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase the use of zero-emission vehicles, advance environmental justice and create good-paying jobs tied to clean transportation.

We need your feedback. We invite you to participate in a short survey to share your thoughts on North Carolina’s clean transportation future. Please share widely with your friends and colleagues.   

Five workgroups will convene from April to September to address the challenges and leverage the opportunities to advance clean transportation in North Carolina. These workgroups will develop action plans in the following five areas:

1.       Zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) plan for light-duty vehicles, which will focus on the opportunities to advance the transition of passenger cars and trucks to zero-emission vehicles.

2.       Zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) plan for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, which will develop an action plan to transition delivery trucks, construction equipment and other large vehicles to zero-emission vehicles.

3.       Fleet transition plan for public and private vehicle fleets. This group will work with public and private entities to accelerate the transition to zero- and low-emission fleet vehicles.

4.       Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) reduction plan. This group will explore ways to reduce the number of vehicle miles traveled in North Carolina.

5.       Clean Transportation Infrastructure plan, which will ensure that electric vehicle and alternative fuel infrastructure is sufficient to support the private and fleet transition to zero- and low-emission vehicles.

If you would like to be a part of a working group, please visit our website to sign up for one or more workgroups.

Please spread the word and forward this email to others who might be interested in North Carolina’s clean transportation future.


Jennifer L. Weiss

Senior Advisor for Climate Change Policy

N.C. Department of Transportation

Feedback is needed for the N.C. Clean Transportation Plan