The Town Council of Burnsville, NC holds monthly meetings on the first Thursday of each month at 6PM, in the Board Room at Town Hall, unless otherwise designated by the Board.

An archive of meeting minutes is below. These documents are in Adobe PDF Format.


7-1-21 Regular MeetingAgenda Packet
6-3-21 Regular MeetingAgenda PacketMinutes
5-3-21 Special MeetingAgenda PacketMinutes
4-15-21 Work SessionNoticeMinutes
4-1-21 Regular MeetingAgenda PacketMinutes
3-29-21 Special MeetingClosed Sessiontoconsider employee performance
3-4-21 Regular MeetingAgenda PacketMinutesComprehensive Land Use Plan
2-15-21 Work sessionAgenda PacketMinutes
2-4-21 Regular MeetingAgenda PacketMinutesPWD Operating Guidelines
1-7-21 Regular MeetingAgenda PacketMinutes


12-3-20 Regular MeetingAgenda PacketMinutes
11-5-20 Regular MeetingAgenda PacketMinutes
10-9-20 Special MeetingMinutes
10-1-20 Special MeetingAgenda PacketMinutes
9-3-20 Special MeetingAgenda PacketMinutes
8-13-20 Special MeetingAgenda PacketMinutes
6-25-20 Special MeetingAgenda PacketMinutesComments-1, Comments-2
6-4-20 Special MeetingAgenda PacketMinutes
5-26-20 Public HearingMinutes
5-20-20 Special MeetingMinutes
5-14-20 Special MeetingMinutes
5-7-20 Special MeetingAgenda PacketMinutes
4-2-20 MeetingCancelleddue toCOVID-19
3-16-20 Sp. Meeting/P. HearingMinutes
3-5-20 Regular MeetingMinutes
2-25-20 Special MeetingMinutes
2-11-20 Joint Sp. Mtg. w/ PlanningMinutes
2-10-20 Special MeetingMinutes
2-6-20 Regular MeetingMinutes
1-27-20 Special MeetingMinutes
1-16-20 Special MeetingMinutes
1-8-20 Special MeetingMinutes